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About Us

ECE is a design and construction company based in Istanbul. Team is made of Turkish designers and architects at heart who loves to service different countries.

Ece is a Turkish name means Queen in English. So we thought suited up with our artistic style. Since establishing ECE, we had been celebrated for translating art to a warm and livable style. From private residences to commercial properties, product design to
brand and fine art consulting, our works are known as graceful.

Our first B2C brand is ECE Classic, a home decor and furnishing online shop. As you see from its title, you can find classic-style items that we loved and use in our projects. We find, make custom and send them to your address.

Our passion for art, shopping, following trends, cultures and master works making us useful to a lot of people around of the world. If you are the one of people who need, don’t hesitate about contacting with us. However kind of your request, we will be happy think and help about it.

If you are a producer or you think we have to work together, we will be glad to meet you. Our team and services is going bigger day by day. You can write to us wherever you are in the world.

We had been already think like locations is not very important even before pandemic. We can service to our customers and collabrate by remote. Our priority is servicing international by make feel you comfy in a high standart.

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